Arpeely is an Ad-tech startup building and operating Machine Learning algorithms for autonomous media acquisition. Our business and tech meet at the intersection of the exciting fields of Digital Marketing, Fraud Detection and ML\AI.
Connected to the world’s largest Real-Time-Bidding Ad-exchange - Google AdX, we use data, ML, engineering, and hacker-like thinking to short-circuit and out-preform the market.
Bootstrapped in 2017 with a small team of ex-IDF elites, Arpeely has reached MM$ revenues in its first year of operation and is now in its next period of growth.

As our Senior Marketing Analyst \ Data Hacker you will use your superb data, prediction, research, and automation skills to guide our core media acquisition engine, uncover and exploit trends both on a macro level like bidding landscape and competition movements as well as products micro-transactions KPIs. Your colleagues will be A-team data scientists and engineers with whom you will define and bring into production statistical, measurement and prediction processes.

What You’ll Do

  • Design data-driven strategies to guide the company’s core acquisition engine and deploy them end-to-end.
  • Analyze, derive insights from your strategies, evolving your strategies in the process.
  • Merge business, marketing, and technical knowledge to bring data insights in multiple areas: Bid-landscape, competitors’ movements, fraudulent activities, and the monetization
  • Bring HUGE impact by closing the cycle of analysis and feeding your new-found insights back into our proprietary acquisition machine
  • Capitalize on trends and events ranging from in-product micro-transactions to the ever-shifting market condition
  • Have the freedom to bring technical, marketing, and any external data sources to augment current data and help you gain market edge
  • Ease your and team members' workflow by creating dashboards to externalize and democratize your insights
  • Collaborate with a team of A-player researchers and engineers to solve complex data and market problems

Who we are looking for

  • Independent. Self-starter.
  • Strong expertise with complex SQL as well or common analysis tools such as (R, Pandas, Python or equiv.) - Mandatory
  • Experience in guiding product decisions and A/B/Multivariate testing analysis
  • B.A/B.Sc or equivalent, related to Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence or another related field with a strong emphasis on quantitative analysis
  • Experience modeling KPIs like lifetime value, cohort analysis, customer segmentation, customer churn modeling
  • Basic web infrastructure knowledge (DNS, Iframe, IP, Referrer, Cookies, UserAgents) - Mandatory
  • Experience with Ad-tech\e-commerce\web companies\large user-base companies\SaaS - Big bonus
  • Independent. Yes it's written twice on purpose

Work from our offices in Tel Aviv, Midtown Commerce Tower