Senior Backend Developer

Arpeely is an Ad-tech startup building and operating Machine Learning algorithms for autonomous media acquisition.
Our business and tech meet at the intersection of the exciting fields of Digital Marketing, Fraud Detection and ML\AI.
Connected to the world’s largest Real-Time-Bidding Ad-exchange - Google AdX, we use data, ML, engineering, and hacker-like thinking to short-circuit and out-preform the market.

Bootstrapped in 2017 with a small team of ex-IDF elites, Arpeely has reached MM$ revenues in its first year of operation and is now in its next period of growth.

We are looking for a passionate Senior Backend Developer to join our small all-star team. As part of your role, you will design, implement, and deploy products and infrastructures which will directly amplify our core business and enable new strategic growth opportunities. The backbone systems and data-pipelines you’ll build will serve millions of users, sustain extreme impression loads, and support sub-second ML prediction and on-the-go ML training.

This is an amazing opportunity to join a small and multi-disciplinary A-team while working in a fast-paced, data-oriented environment.

If you are experienced but still hungry to learn and impact - we’d love to have you on our team!

What You’ll Do:

  • All-around player through our vast data and prediction systems touching cloud infrastructure, data pipelines and aggregation, high-performance RTB bidders, and ML prediction infrastructure - over 50B events per day.
  • Design architecture and implement data pipelines to support high scale ingestion, augmentation, continuous ML training, and real-time prediction.
  • Design, implement, deploy and own end-to-end Cloud clusters, services, and infrastructure to support extreme workloads and traffic flow while maintaining a lean design and “launch and forget” methodology
  • As all our systems are data-driven you will have an analytical aspect in measuring your modules both business and performance-wise
  • Build internal dashboards and tools to democratize access to your modules and amplify other team member’s work
  • Joining a small and A-team and working side by side with our VP R&D, data-scientists and researchers, you will design, implement, bring to production and own end-to-end whole areas of business and system
  • Potentially you will help with recruiting and onboarding of new team members
  • Technological superiority is what gives us our edge so you’ll work and be up to date with the latest tech and trends

Who we are looking for:

  • 3+ years Backend \ Cloud Development or Data Engineering
  • Experience designing and implementing cloud infrastructure and data pipelines for production.
  • Excellent knowledge of Python, Go, Node.js, or other modern programming languages
  • Experience with containerized (Docker, ECS, Kubernetes) or serverless (Lambda) deployment.
  • Experience with Redis, relational and NoSQL databases\ data warehouses or equivalent
  • Basic Knowledge of React \ TypeScript and web-technologies - Bonus
  • Experience with Google Cloud, GKE, GCP, BigQuery - Bonus
  • ML Experience - Bonus
  • Team-player as well as the ability to be independent and proactive
  • Bs.c Degree or Equiv. military experience

    Work from our [newly renovated] offices in Tel Aviv, Midtown Commerce Tower