You have a heart of a hacker, the hunger of a pirate and the rugged hands of a digital carpenter?

If you’re addicted to the adrenaline rush of a successful discovery and the instant gratification of daily breakthroughs.
If you are excited about finding that needle in a haystack. That’s locked in a secret barn. Protected by a dragon. On Mars.

You should probably join us.

Come [legally] hack with us the data on the largest exchange that’s running our world. Not NASDAQ; the one with way more events - the Global Ads Exchanges, where millions of ads are born and clicked every micro-second.
Step behind the curtain of algorithms and competitors that move hundreds of $B of annual budgets. Plunge into a world of ISP-volumes of traffic, sub-second predictions and TBs of live, real-world data. Use cutting-edge analysis, ML and engineering or just plain hacker-like thinking out-perform the market. Collaborate with our A-Team of engineers, data scientists and with our clients spanning from Startups to Fortune-50 companies.

We are looking for:
Grit, hunger, perseverance.
Analytical mind and affinity to data.
Army Experience \ B.A\B.Sc or equivalent in Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence or related fields.
You like winning.